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Everyday Tips for Slow Living

Everyday Tips for Slow Living

Want to slow down and juice all the goodness out of life? Here are some easy everyday tips to help you slow down, be present, and just a bit more mindful of the life you are creating.

It's a beautiful life, so let's start embracing every day as if it's on purpose. I know, this sounds like a daunting task. With all of life's built in obligations, we must be intentional and creative to find space within the routines. Using this space wisely, will hopefully result in less anxiety and more enjoyment.

"Hurry up, tell me how to slow down!"

Who else likes a bullet list? A cut to the chase list to sum it all up because you don't have time to read all the fluff? Me too. Even in my slow living, reading a long book in a quiet corner with a tasty drink won't be my choice of peace and refueling in this season (of raising two toddlers and running a business). It sounds lovely in theory but also stresses me out. However, there are many built-in ways to slow down and be more present in our day, enjoying it as much as we can. So, let's go, here are some everyday tips to get you started...

Everyday Tips for Slow Living

  • Breath deep. I know it sounds simple. But do it intentionally. This is scientifically proven to slow down your heart rate, calming you and essentially pausing the race inside of you. Set a daily alarm as a reminder if you need to.

  • Embrace every step of a daily process. Any other coffee lovers out there? Making coffee is my slow down routine. I smell the beans, grind the beans, heat water, and slowly pour the water into my coffee press. The kettle I bought is a slow pour by design and forces me to go slow, I need this. It caused me anxiety at first, and my husband takes off the lid to pour it faster, but this is my moment, my reminder to not rush through everything in my day. Whether its coffee, getting dressed, brushing your teeth, or making eggs; embrace it, appreciate it and be fully present to set the tone for your entire day.

  • Make a pass-the-time activity worth it. If you have a morning commute, this may be a means to an end to get yourself to work and through your day, only to drive home again. But you can make it worth it, make it exciting, and embrace a boring routine. With some time and intention, you can find a podcast that sparks your interest, create a playlist or get one from a friend, work on a language for your upcoming travels, play an audio book. Think of what inspires you and use this time intentionally. I don't have a commute but I find myself (on some days) killing time 'til the kids nap so I can finally get some work done. Instead this is a my space and opportunity to embrace the time with my kids. Teaching them about a place or topic I'm passionate about or playing a game we all enjoy are some practical ways to own this time. A little planning and intentionality will go a long way.

  • Make something from scratch. This could be your grandma's favorite recipe, full of nostalgia and flavor. It could be simple chocolate chips cookies, homemade pizza for the family, keiffer or kombucha -anything that takes time but has an enjoyable end. For me, it's cookies. It's making these cookies with my son. It's fun and refueling for me, and loads of sugary fun for him. Whether you're creating a moment, remembering moments, or just being present in the moment, these are all wins for slowing down!

  • Create something. Painting, coloring, building, drawing, writing, ect. Make a point to embrace the artist within you. You were made by a Creator to create. Do this without an end goal, without judgement and without a time limit. Take the limitations off and just create! I think you'll be surprised how much you enjoy it and by your capabilities to create.

  • Sit. Be. Don't move. How hard is this? Impossible sounding to some of you... and me! But, stop, stop running around for everyone else. Stop for even five minutes. Take those deep breaths, choose to be still, enjoy the pause and practice doing NOTHING. For a doer, this will be hard but ultimately rewarding. You are worth the wait, so take your time. Everything that's most important will still get done.

  • Go-to moments to reset. Create space to enjoy something simple. I like to do this with drinks; a special coffee, a kombucha, a hot or iced tea then just sit and enjoy it for 5-10 minutes. This is a reset for me. But it could also be a short walk, a hike, a scenic drive, a water-view if possible, reading an affirmation or truth, or a piece of chocolate or other small treat. Figure out what this is for you so that when you need a little moment to enjoy something, you can get right to it.

  • Thoughtfully consume. Consume less with more intention. A huge part of slow living, is not only being mindful of how you consume - knowing where and how things are made and the imprint it makes on the world, but also consuming with purpose behind your purchases. It's easy to get caught up in trends or think that we need all-the-things, but it's better to care about your things and for them to be useful to your life. Our purchases should serve us, not steal joy (and money) from us. I like to ask myself two questions regularly, 'Do i need this and does it bring me joy?'. Slowing down to purchase with purpose will always pay out in the end. Personally, I always consider the materials as well- I love items made from natural materials. I love the texture and aesthetic and of course the sustainable nature of the products. The durability and long life gives extra value to these items.

Every day we have choices (we GET to make choices). I hope that these tips will help you slow down, be present, and more mindful of the beautiful, enjoyable life you are creating!

xo, Suz



This idea of thoughtfully consuming was a guiding light as we created and curated products for Village Thrive. We were mindful not only of the beauty but the functionality and also the materials. We use natural materials for our products such as cotton, rattan, bamboo, straw, wood, clay and leather.