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How to Holiday at Home

How to Holiday at Home

Ever go on vacation, stay at a beautiful place, and wish it could be your everyday life? I know, I have! Do you want to learn some tips and tricks to creating that beautiful space right inside your own home? OK, good, keep reading...

Of course we all want to live on a permanent vacation. While we can't just lounge around all day, we can create a sacred space in our own home that encourages a spirit of rest and refreshment. In my opinion, how much more do we need that on a daily basis than once or twice a year?

“Intentional decor is the key to making your home as much a retreat as your next holiday destination.”

What are the key elements of a great vacation?

A beautiful place plus no distractions or responsibilities. These are, of course, the most basic elements. Then you add in all the extras - amazing food, fun activities and adventures, your favorite people, etc. But let's stick to the basic elements. We can't take away responsibility but we can create a beautiful space with less distraction. Here's how it's done.


Establish your style. The most successful and intentional vacation stays all have a theme or style they stick to, this makes the space feel cohesive and pleasant to be in. This is also true of your home - so get on pinterest and pick your style or ask a friend for help. It may be farmhouse, modern and minimal, eclectic, beachy, mid-century, etc. the styles and photos are endless for ideas and serve as a mood board as you continue.


Declutter and take inventory. Creating a sacred space means cleansing it of all the things that accumulate without thought. They're not necessary and really just take up space. Using my two favorite questions for decor in the home, I always ask, 'Do I need it or does it give me joy?'. If the answer is no, then let it go. Some of it is trash anyways, but some of it can be sold or donated, so you'll need to deal with it accordingly. While decluttering or post declutter, take inventory of your existing home decor in light of the style or theme you have chosen for your home. Keep the things that fit the bill and get rid of the rest. Note: If you're on a budget, and we are talking about large items, then just make a note to self that you want to replace the couch, for example, and make a goal to work towards.


The essentials, placed intentionally. Every space is made up of essentials. These items serve practical purposes. Chairs, tables, couches, rugs, end tables, etc. Choose these according to the style you are creating. Arrange them in ways that suggest their optimal purpose and invite you into enjoying it. For example, paired chairs with a side table versus random chairs placed separately along a wall. I love to rearrange my home and it's always interesting to have people over and see how the furniture placement affects the interactions and flow of the room or event. It totally makes a difference. When I'm on vacation, I love the cozy chair by the window with an ocean view, I can already see myself in the morning with a cup of hot coffee in hand, dreaming about life.


Statement pieces that speak. Great hotels and airbnbs have wow-factors or statement pieces that really make a space complete. They serve to tell a story, show off personality, or complete the designer's vision. In your own home, this is the perfect place to show off the things that make you and your family special. It's also a great way to share sentimental items you care about. The goal is to keep it simple though, so create one shelf or one large piece of artwork and keep the items there, this creates focus and appreciation.


Less dusting and more living. With clutter gone, you're doing a lot less dusting, plus you're a lot less distracted and resting more. Next, add in some live greens. Plants in every room would be the goal. These plants bring the outdoors in, while promoting clean air and a fresh space. They also require care and attention, just like your home.

So, there you have it. A five step 'How-To' to get your home feeling and looking more like a get-away stay. With a home that has less distractions and clutter, we hope you rest more and enjoy more moments with your friends and family, creating memories and making moments that refuel you.

xo, Suz