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About Us

Our Story

It all started on a humanitarian trip to Bali, Indonesia in 2008 when Suzanne was inspired to partner with local artisans to create modern home goods using their traditional crafts which in turn provides sustainable income. Village Thrive is a way to share the natural beauty of this place and its people with you. But it doesn't stop there.

Thoughtful consumption is our guiding light as we create and curate products. We are mindful not only of the beauty of the craft but also the functionality of our products and the sustainability of the materials. We use natural materials for our products such as organic cotton, rattan, bamboo, straw, wood, clay and leather. Our products are handcrafted in small batches and each tell a story of generations of craft and culture.

You can feel good about your purchase from Village Thrive. From start to finish we have been mindful of the process. With every product you purchase from us, you are helping support local artisans to thrive in their craft and sustain their families while also choosing to consume in an eco-friendly fashion.

Rattan from the Village of Kerobokan

Rattan from the Village of Kerobokan

Handcrafted rattan from an artisan collective of over 100 artisans. Sustainably sourced on the island of Bali, bringing you modern home decor while providing sustainable income through a heritage craft. Read more in our Journal...

Macrame from The Women's Workshop

Handwoven macrame by The Women's Workshop, each purchase supports a single mother in her craft, providing her with a living wage while putting her children through school. Read more in our Journal...

Ceramics from the Village of Pejaten

Hand thrown ceramics by an artisan collective of 65 people, this ceramic business supports women and the local village by giving sustainable jobs, teaching a heritage craft, and providing fair income. Read more in our Journal...

Textiles from the Village of Denpasar

Hand screened textiles are a traditional staple of indonesian culture, using natural dyes and dried by the sun. We've partnered with multiple sarong artisan collectives to bring you modern designs using an age-old tradition. Read more in our Journal...

Tea from the Village of Ubud

Hand picked teas of the highest quality, employing local homemakers for farming and packaging and providing flexible hours, full or part-time schedules, valuing and empowering their role in the community and their family. Read more in our Journal...

Coffee from the Village of Kintamani

Handcrafted coffee grown by local Balinese farmers who practice the ‘Subak Abian’ method of farming, which means they work together in a local co-operative, to support one another, to share knowledge and resources. Read more in our Journal...

Leather from the Village of Seminyak

Handcrafted shoes featuring responsibly sourced leather and traditional craftsmanship, preserving Indonesian heritage and providing sustainable income to artisan families. Read more in our Journal...

Soap from the Village of Nyambu

Handmade soap from local Balinese ingredients by women who are not only given a living wage for their work, but receive an education on proper hygiene which in turn brings better health to their communities. Read more in our Journal...

Empowering Artisans in Bali, Indonesia

Ethically Made, Sustainably Sourced, Handcrafted Goods.

Empowering artisans in Bali, Indonesia

Ethical, Sustainable, Handcrafted

Ethically Made

Our goods are the product of decades of tradition handed down through generations. The outcome is craft and intentionality. All our goods are slow made by hand. What you get is a one-of-a-kind product made just for you with the story of someone's attention and care crafted into every detail. Keeping traditional techniques alive while reaching the modern home. Along with that we believe in the ethical treatment of all humans and follow Fair Trade practices. Therefore we have visited the production locations and met the artisans crafting our goods being sure that no one is being overworked or underpaid for their craft and that all working environments are safe and healthy. 

Sustainably Sourced

At Village Thrive we take pride in working with sustainable materials, be it pruned coffee branches, climbing palm or organic cotton. The value in our goods is not only their handmade nature but the ecologically friendly materials used. Good for people and the planet. From start to finish, we care about the details of our products and the impact of our business. Not only do we want opening your package to be a beautiful experience but one that minimizes waste. We have teamed up with Noissue Eco Packaging to bring you this feature.

Handcrafted Goods

We have worked hard to bridge the gap between the artisans in Indonesia and your home, bringing you handcrafted goods, each unique and speical with the goal of sustainable income for artisans families. This allows them to plan for the future and create opportunities for generations to come. It also allows for access to education, skills training and innovation of traditional crafts. Through our partnership and your purchases, together we create a full circle movement that helps villages thrive.